Easy DIY projects you can do over a weekend

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Our home should be our sanctuary – the place we love to spend time in and where we feel safe, where we can express who we are. Sometimes, we might just want to jazz up a room because even our sanctuary can become a bit outdated and drab. Sometimes, we just want to add a flair of something new because we can, and we are in the mood for a weekend project. We have three great DIY ideas that you can complete in a weekend to spruce up your home.


Paint a room

This is probably the most obvious DIY project to start and finish in one weekend. A fresh coat of paint can completely change the character and atmosphere of a room. You could decide to keep it neutral with one of the many shades of brown, grey, blue, or green. You could also go bold with the colour you choose and add light with mirrors, and paintings or wall art in light shades.


You don’t have to get stuck on a single colour though. If your room allows, you can go for an accent wall in one solid colour or with a patterned design. Think a teal wall in an otherwise light room or a brightly coloured wallpaper. If you have an artistic flair, you could also paint a unique mural. From forest scenes to misty mountains to florals – your imagination is your only limit.


Build a fire pit

This might not be in your house specifically, but a fire pit in the yard is a great place to get together with friends, share a meal or drinks, and catch up. Building your own fire pit is fairly simple if you have a bit of patience, some muscle, and the right tools.


You’ll want to either purchase a fire pit kit with all you need, or you can personalise it and buy what you need separately. Other than the shovel and rubber mallet, you will also need some spray paint for marking, landscaping stones, masonry adhesive, gravel and (optionally) a metal ring for the inside.


You’ll want to start by marking out the fire pit’s circumference. You can lay out the metal ring and the landscaping stone you will use around it to determine the circumference and then mark it with the spray paint. Dig out your circle about 15cm deep to lay the foundation of your fire pit. Make sure it is level and then fill the area with your gravel. This will create adequate drainage for when it rains.


Next, pack your first level of landscaping stones on the gravel and tap them down with your rubber mallet. Proceed to the next level by first applying some masonry adhesive before staggering the next stone – you want the middle of the stone to sit at the joining point to the stones below it. Continue in the same fashion with the next level until you reach your desired height. You can use the metal ring as you are building to ensure it all fits perfectly.


Lastly, place your metal ring into your new fire pit and there you go.


Give your kitchen a facelift

Facelifting your kitchen unfortunately also goes along with giving it a proper spring clean, from top to bottom and then deciding what you can change. You could opt to paint the walls or tile in a new backsplash behind your stovetop. You could remove the cabinet doors and paint them, or you could just replace your old cabinet handles with something modern or something funky that suits your style.


We love the idea of painting your cabinets if it is an option for you. Remove all the doors and drawer fronts, remove the handles then clean the doors or sand them down a bit to get rid of all the dirt and grime that have collected over the years. Use your chosen colour be it green, blue, yellow, whatever works for you, to paint the doors and drawer fronts. Don’t forget to give the permanent structures of the cabinets and drawers the same treatment. You can then replace the handles to complete the change and fix all the doors and drawer fronts back in place. Voila… a lovely new feel to your kitchen.