What to consider when buying a suburban property

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Suburban living… It’s a simple concept that seems to have been become an idyllic idea of a big home with a yard and a dog and quiet streets where kids can still play cricket. That is not necessarily what suburban living is anymore and there are some key considerations that you need to keep in mind when you want to move into a suburban area.



We simply can’t get away from this all-important factor in property. The location of your suburban home determines a lot about how you are going to live. If you are close to work, schools, and shops, you might be able to not commute a whole lot. If you live in a more secluded suburban area that have not been infiltrated with shops and homes-cum-offices, early morning and daily commutes will definitely be part of your life. You also need to think about what you actually need from your home (and what you can afford). Do you need the big yard and a dog, or do you just need an apartment or granny flat? The suburb isn’t just about one- or two-story houses in their own yards and there are wonderful apartments and small complexes that allows for every need and desire of the singleton or large family.



Suburban areas in South Africa do not have stellar reputations for being very safe and you can hardly invest in a suburban home without also investing in security for that home. It is for this reason that a lot of people opt for estates rather than open suburban areas. Luckily there are smaller estates within the suburbs that create their own micro-community and there are estates large enough to be a suburb in its own right. In both cases, the access control can grant you more peace of mind as to the safety of your area. That does not mean, however, that an open suburban area should be avoided. Security has come a long way over the years, and these days it is not that difficult or expensive to have a scalable security system installed in your home without making it feel like a prison. If you are just cognizant of the people around you and the people you allow on the property and into your home, there is no need to have security be the reason you opt not to buy a suburban home. With that being said, some suburbs are more likely to see criminal activity than others, it all goes back to location. If you are near major roads, informal settlements, green belts, or building projects, you are likely to see more home-related crimes.



There are aspects of the suburb that can be both a pro and a con all at the same time, one of them being your home’s proximity to various amenities and facilities. Businesses and restaurants have become interspersed in many suburban areas, and it is only the new developments in outlying areas that can truly boast about not having this phenomenon. On the one hand, it can be very convenient if your dentist is just two blocks away in a home that’s been converted into his practice, or if your kids’ kindergarten or school is just down the road. On the other hand, it can be frustrating to have the constant noise of a hustle and bustle around you in the suburbs because the school or dentist is in your street.  Yet again it comes down to location because no two suburbs are the same. Before you buy, take a short trip around the neighbourhood, or check the area on Google Maps to see what businesses and facilities are near you and whether or not you are happy with it.


Whatever your desires are for your suburban home, it is easier to attain them if you have the right real estate agents on your side. You need experts in their area that can help you find the right fit for you and your lifestyle. That is exactly what we do at Karis Properties. You and your home happiness are at the core of our endeavours. So, when you start looking at property, you know who to contact.